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Toni McNeil's's story is one of extraordinary resilience and transformation. As a survivor of homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, and generational abuse, she has faced and overcome some of life's most harrowing challenges. 

Toni's profound personal experiences have transformed her into a powerful leader within Black and Brown communities throughout the California Central Valley. She specializes in motivational speaking, group facilitation, leadership development training, and political strategy. With more than 25 years of dedicated experience, she has become a beacon of hope and change, tirelessly working to uplift the formerly incarcerated, the homeless, and communities devastated by over-policing, gun violence, and mass incarceration.

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Her Journey






At age 25 she fled a volatile and abusive marriage with her four children by her side, living unsheltered for several years before finding stable housing and employment.


To break the generational cycles of abuse and poverty, Toni embarked on a journey of self-healing, self-discovery, and self-advocacy. It was during this time that she became intentional about identifying a positive path forward for her family.


She broke free of the oppressive constraints of government systems such as welfare and housing assistance through years of arduous, intentional hard word and education.


It wasn't long before she began to hone her skills as a motivational speaker and group facilitator. Soon after she was officially ordained as an elder.



To avoid the violence and neglect of home, Toni ran away at the age of 16 and began her lived experience in poverty, domestic violence, crime, and systemic oppression at a young age.



Toni's career continued to bloom as she partnered with faith leaders, public officials, and community advocates to create pathways for healing and professional development for the formerly incarcerated and system-impacted individuals.



After years serving as a community organizer, tearing down barriers within marginalized neighborhoods and uplifting system impacted individuals through advocacy work, leadership training and access to educational resources, Toni launched her nonprofit organization, Concrete Development Inc. ("CDI").



Toni's profound personal experiences have shaped her into a powerful leader within communities throughout the California Central Valley. 


Her unwavering commitment to creating pathways for healing and professional development has empowered countless individuals to reclaim their lives and achieve their fullest potential. Toni McNeil's unique ability to connect with and inspire others makes her an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to foster genuine, impactful change. By partnering with Toni, you are not only supporting a leader with an unparalleled depth of experience and empathy but also investing in a brighter, more equitable tomorrow.


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